Dear mom:

By blood you reside in my life, but your burden is too much for me to carry.

The words that crawl away from your lips linger in my ears, leaving an aching laceration of the knives in my back.

I remember when my heart was young, I had eyes that longed to love, but one can be defeated so much before love turns to tolerance of the realization you were never who I wished you to be.

The abandonment changed something inside, and yet my mind still searches for the words to describe how the girl who you thought looked up to you, is insulted by the concept of being anything like.

My ambitions and intent just don’t seem enough to witness the smiles I have all but dreamed.

And if I can’t be enough, then all I can say is I am not yours and that is okay.

My worth doesn’t lie in the hands of your contempt and my smile doesn’t wither at the sound of your voice.

The power you have is no longer here, my home is far away and no longer within your fear.


One comment

  1. The Mount · November 27, 2015

    I love reading your blog so I have nominated you for the Liebster Award:
    Hope you fit the requirements and enjoy doing it if you want to!
    God bless x


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